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What is therapeutic medical clowning?

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Through the therapeutic art of play and humor, medical clowns help patients and their families reduce fear and anxiety while increasing their strength and motivation to cope with illness. The medical clown connects with patients in a way that is markedly different from the rest of their experience in the hospital.

Medical clowns use expressive therapy modalities such as magic, music, circus and puppetry as part of the healing process with patients, families and medical teams. They provide services in many settings including patient rooms, intensive care, emergency department, as well as in hallways, waiting rooms and elevators.

As Michelle M. Fouts, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, Director of Pharmacy at Laguna Honda and the Medical Clown Project liaison stated:

Our medical team and staff were extremely positive about the impact of the work of the medical clowns. They were amazed and delighted to report that some residents who had been isolated and non communicative were ‘lighting up and talking’ for the first time in months.