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Medical Clown Project

The Medical Clown Project provides therapeutic medical clowning as an integrated component of care for adult and pediatric patients and their families. The medical clowns also benefit the community milieu by lightening the mood of healthcare providers and staff.

Our newsletters, website, and other online and printed materials are intended to create a ‘window’ into therapeutic medical clowning to help you visualize and even, perhaps, viscerally feel the power of our work. Equally important is our commitment to the patients, families, medical team and staff to whom we provide services. Whenever possible, we will share stories, photographs and images of our work. Please know, however, that we are limited by our commitment to respecting the privacy of those we serve.

    MCP Visits Miami Red Cross Shelter – Day 2

    Medical Clown Project: Hurricane Irma Relief (Part 2)

    "We don't believe in goodbyes. We believe in see-you-laters." is what a strong single mother of three, caring for her kids in a shelter, told me before leaving.

    Though, even saying see-you-later was still not easy.

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    MCP Visits Miami Red Cross Shelter - Day 1

    Medical Clown Project: Hurricane Irma Relief (Part 1)

    "Everyone has helped to make this shelter feel like home away from home." She wanted to remember this turned from horrible to beautiful moment at the Darwin Fuchs Pavillon shelter by having all of the volunteers sign her shirt.

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    A Moment At The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

    It's not often that we get consented video of our work in hospitals. Magical moments happen during EVERY shift. Today, we were lucky enough to capture one of those moments.

    The Story:

    Located in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, a mother is with her child and trying to comfort her infant with Edwards' syndrome, also known as Trisomy 18. Edwards syndrome has no treatment and is usually fatal before birth or within the first year of life.

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