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Medical Clown Project

The Medical Clown Project provides therapeutic medical clowning as an integrated component of care for adult and pediatric patients and their families. The medical clowns also benefit the community milieu by lightening the mood of healthcare providers and staff.

Our newsletters, website, and other online and printed materials are intended to create a ‘window’ into therapeutic medical clowning to help you visualize and even, perhaps, viscerally feel the power of our work. Equally important is our commitment to the patients, families, medical team and staff to whom we provide services. Whenever possible, we will share stories, photographs and images of our work. Please know, however, that we are limited by our commitment to respecting the privacy of those we serve.

    Magic vs Technology for Patients

    There are countless occasions where we encounter pediatric patients on their iPads, watching a movie, or invested in a show on their television. Even though we could leave these patients be with their gadgets, we always want to make sure that we can enhance every environment to its fullest potential. In this next case, it needed a pause from tech time and a dose of human interaction.

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    Thank you, Jeff and Sherry!

    After 7 wonderful years with the Medical Clown Project, reaching out to nearly a dozen healthcare facilities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and bringing therapeutic medical clowning to thousands of patients, our founders, Sherry Sherman and Jeff Raz, have transitioned out of their roles as Executive Director and Artistic Director.

    Jeff will continue to be a pillar to the organization as a member of the Board of Directors and Sherry will fulfill a very essential role in an Advisory capacity. He has also just written a book - "The Secret Life of Clowns" -  a 'backstage tour' of Cirque du Soleil and the Clown Conservatory that will be launched nationally at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2017.

    We tip our hats to them for their vision and commitment to bringing therapeutic medical clowning to the San Francisco Bay area and for their contribution to medical clowning worldwide.

    Thank you Jeff and Sherry!

    New Director
    Which brings us to the question of "Who will be at the helm for this amazing organization?"

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    Thank you for coming or donating to Grand Circus Rounds

    When people think of parades, they usually picture a procession of grandiose floats and flashy marching bands flowing through a barricaded aisle of excited, jubilant crowds. Instead, this particular parade was full of patients with wheelchairs, walkers, and canes accompanied by Laguna Honda staff headed down the hallway to the Gerald Simon Auditorium for the Medical Clown Project’s Grand Circus Rounds.

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