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Medical Clown Project

The Medical Clown Project provides therapeutic medical clowning as an integrated component of care for adult and pediatric patients and their families. The medical clowns also benefit the community milieu by lightening the mood of healthcare providers and staff.

Our newsletters, website, and other online and printed materials are intended to create a ‘window’ into therapeutic medical clowning to help you visualize and even, perhaps, viscerally feel the power of our work. Equally important is our commitment to the patients, families, medical team and staff to whom we provide services. Whenever possible, we will share stories, photographs and images of our work. Please know, however, that we are limited by our commitment to respecting the privacy of those we serve.

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    Clown Chronicles

    Calvin Kai Ku

    "Hi! So they finally got me settled into the right room. My mom is coming today to stay with me, so if you're able to come, you could see her too!"

    It was going to be a stay-at-home kind of Sunday. On this hot summer June day I was in my office catching up on seemingly important tasks. But first, of course, I took a quick glance at our social media platforms.

    The first news that popped up was from a patient from one of our hospitals whom we saw periodically, a few years ago, since her medical condition required ongoing hospital care. After reaching a certain age, she had to be hospitalized on a different campus.

    Her post was about being back in the hospital for yet another treatment.

    So, I commented, "Lots of love to you from the Medical Clown Project! "

    Her response: " I wish you guys were over here! It's no fun on the adult side."

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    Profile of a Donor

    Helen Dean in front of her store, Toy Safari
    Helen Dean in front of her store, Toy Safari

    Helen Dean is a savvy business-woman who is native of Alameda. Twenty-four years ago, as a school-teacher and mother of three children, she was finding it impossible to make ends meet. This was the impetus to opening her own business, and what could be better than a toy store. “I wanted to start a business, raise my children, earn a living, and give back to my community.”

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