What They’re Saying About the Medical Clown Project!

MCP Visits Miami Red Cross Shelter – Day 2 - Medical Clown Project: Hurricane Irma Relief (Part 2) “We don’t believe in goodbyes. We believe in see-you-laters.” is what a strong single mother of three, caring for her kids in a shelter, told me before leaving. Though, even saying see-you-later was still not easy.
MCP Visits Miami Red Cross Shelter – Day 1 - Medical Clown Project: Hurricane Irma Relief (Part 1) “Everyone has helped to make this shelter feel like home away from home.” She wanted to remember this turned from horrible to beautiful moment at the Darwin Fuchs Pavillon shelter by having all of the volunteers sign her shirt.
Medical Clown Project works to help patients heal with laughter - Published in the Alameda Sun, Thursday, November 10, 2016 By Avalon Cassard (Correction to the article: Medical Clown Project also delivers services at the California Pacific Medical Center and Rhoda Goldman Plaza.) In the run up to Halloween, clowns have been scaring people but not all clowns are out for mischief. Alameda residents Jeffery Raz... Read More
Medical Clown Project offers patients “humor and humanity” - by Michele Ellson, The Alamedan, 16 October 2012 Every Tuesday, Molly Shannon makes her rounds of patients young and old at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Her pre-visit preparation includes a light dusting of makeup and the donning of a bright red clown nose. “It blends in, but things about it bring it... Read More
Seltzer Bottle, STAT! Medical Clowns Make the Rounds in Growing Number of Hospitals - The Daily – June 25, 2012 Armed with new research that shows laughter is powerful medicine, hospitals around the world are sending in the clowns, and seeing remarkable results. The strange phenomenon of “medical clowns” has been validated by recent scientific studies that show circus-inspired buffoonery has health benefits that are nothing to chuckle about.
Medical clowns offer hospital patients a dose of humor - by Mwende Hahesy, KALW Public Radio 91.7, 08 March 2012 Clowns remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. But it takes a professionally trained clown to lighten the mood in a hospital while being therapeutic. In a quiet hospital wing, some unlikely sounds float down the hallway: an accordion, a ukelele, and laughter. Luz... Read More
Promoting healing with love and laughter - Western Edition San Francisco, 29 January 2012 By tapping into the healing power of laughter and using humor as a form of therapy, the Medical Clown Project of San Francisco helps patients, their families and staff members by entertaining them at several Bay Area hospitals on a weekly basis. Seven medical clowns work in front... Read More
Medical clowns deliver healthy dose of laughter - by Mike Kepka, SF Chronicle, 15 January 2012 A recent Tuesday at 12:20 p.m.: With their accordion and juggling balls ready, Luz Gaxiola and Ben Johnson popped their heads into a curtained corner of the pediatrics intensive care unit. The room loosened with laughter when Luz started banging out nonsensical melodies on her squeezebox. Her... Read More
Clown sees serious benefits to therapeutic work - by Erin Allday, SF Chronicle staff writer, 21 June 2011 The first time Jeff Raz met 86-year-old Norma Perez, all she would talk about was coins. So Raz, a professional clown brought in to work with dementia patients at California Pacific Medical Center, did the obvious: He performed a magic trick for her, making a... Read More
Humor, health, and well-being: Medical clowning as an Arts and Medical Model - Click here for a podcast produced by the Commonwealth Club on April 25, 2011 about the Medical Clown Project.