Tribute Giving

Heartfelt thanks to the following donors to the Medical Clown Project in the name of a loved one:

Martine Clermont

In honor of Dimitri of Ticino, Svizzera (Switzerland)

Patty Gallagher

In honor of my inspiring colleagues Calvin Kai Ku and Jeff Raz

Melissa Aston

In memory of my salty dog Sailor father of mine Timothy Melford Aston

Jeff Becko

For Jeff and Sherry, for all their work bringing joy and laughter to the world. Much love to you.

Sue Braun

In memory of Mickey Spencer

Pat Chambers

In honor of Sherry Sherman

Dean and Becky Draemel

In memory of Barbara Dolph and Michael Dolph

Natalie Forbes

In memory of Charlotte Bigham

Mindy Goldman

For healing towards Janet Fogel

Rachel Harshman and Michael Early

Please make them laugh for Pasqualina Di Lucia.
” She died fighting death to the end. The least she can have is the last laugh.”

Michael and Ruth Harshman

In honor of Jeff Raz

Elizabeth Hribar

In honor of Susan Rosen.

Jay Kohn

In memory of Robert and Anita Kohn

Fred Mahler

In honor of Joni Dolph/Mahler

James Feuillie and Nancy Murray

In honor of Susan Rosen

Linie Orrick

Just wanted to thank you for cheering me up after my operation! I was so excited to have you visit–you lifted my spirits and made me laugh despite my discomfort!

Millicent and John Powers

In honor of Caroline Orrick and her Family and In Honor of Elizabeth Cushman Hall